Joya Lara Carnes, Admission Manager


About us

Our families, highly trained therapists, doctors, nurses, dieticians and many other professionals are all focused on the health improvement of our clients.

In traditional programmes, professionals care for many patients at the same time. Our team works eight to twelve hours with only one client – not weekly or monthly as is usually the case with most other therapies, but daily!

Together we succeed.

Meet the team

We are supported by over 20 team members and specialists who all focus on just one client at a time. We are all dedicated to providing an excellent 360° treatment programme. We do this in a way that ensures that you feel at home and is able to achieve their goals.

Committed to excellence


Mandy Nemec
Managing Partner

Empathetic, systemic and multidisciplinary treatment

Psychiatrists & Psychotherapists

Brigitte Hackenberg, Dr. med.
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
Peter Battistich, Dr.
Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Hiina Kanna, Mag.a

Holistic treatment to heal the whole person; body, mind and soul

Medical Team

Gerhard Hubmann,
Dr. med.

Holistic & orthomolekular


Barbara Riegler, Mag.a
Clinical Coordinator
Sabine Scherzer,
OA Dr. med. univ.

Internal medicine & cardiology
Berit Hippe, Dr.
Nutritional Science & Epigenetics
Karin Schöls,
OA Dr. med.

Internal medicine &


Elisa Rivelles,
Priv.-Doz DDr. PhD

Laboratory diagnostics
Harald Wocelka,
Dr. med.

Nutritional medicine
Martin Schindl,
Dr. med.

Physical, nutritional medicine &


Herbert Sponring,
Dr. med.

Pain therapy
Andreas Schindl,
Dr. med.

Dermathological medicine
Tashina Sabanas, MSc
Clinical Coordinator

Mindfulness and healthy lifestyle

Coaches & Trainer

Franz Papouschek sen.
Dipl. Personal Trainer &


Angelika Pinter, MSc
Dietitian & Nutrition trainer
Caroline Prammer, Mag.a BSc
Dietitian & Nutrition trainer
Karin Würth
Mindfulness Meditation
Herbert Sponring,
Dr. med.


Feel like at home


Franz Papouschek jun.
Certified diet-chef

Exceeding expectations


Signe Lassl
Volunteer Supporter
Larissa M. Fröbel, BSc
Client Relations Manager
Joya Lara Carnes
Admission Manager
Salva Freige
Client Relations

(arabic native speaker)

Rainer J. Gopp
Board of Directors / Advisory Board