Joya Lara Carnes, Admission Manager



How is my privacy ensured?

We understand that our client’s privacy is paramount. We assign a pseudonym and fictitious birth date to every client, which we use in all internal and external communication. A client’s identity is not revealed to our team unless clients themselves wish to do so directly. We occasionally treat clients whose identity is not known to us and where all administrative issues are dealt with a representative.

How long does the residential treatment programme take?

We accept clients for in-patient treatment for a minimum of four weeks. An ideal duration is 8 – 12 weeks, but it will depend on the individual circumstances. We usually recommend our aftercare programme, the ideal duration of which will also depend on each individual situation.

How is addiction treated at Vienna Recovery?

Our addiction treatment programmes adopt a harm-reduction framework. This means that we aim to provide our client with the tools needed to regain control over their substance use and minimise the harm it is causing them. Whether the client needs to give up the substance is their decision, not ours.

What types of treatment programmes are available at Vienna Recovery?

We provide a residential treatment programme, a 10-day residential drug and alcohol detox programme, and a 3‑day private health assessment. You can learn more about our treatment programmes here.

How does the admission process work?

More information on our admission process can be found when contacting us.